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Distress Female Counselling available at free of cost! For assistance Pl. contact for Kolkata +91 9339703134 for Ranchi +91 8092929100

Career Counselling from Psycho-Counsel

Psycho-Counsel has a strong & highly qualified Advisory C to advise the Counsellor for counselling. All of our Advisor are well known & their continuous help has given a strong base. Our Advisory Counsel Members are providing their advice at Free of Cost.

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Psycho-Counsel is a unique set up which has the best of both the worlds. Like any other private sector entity, it enjoys the freedom to appoint the requisite professional talent in key positions and to take decisions with the flexibility and speed that is required in an increasingly competitive market. It also gives employees the satisfaction that their work touches the lives of millions of farmers and aims to enhance the economic status of our rural population.

Psycho-Counsel has a diverse and welcoming workplace where in values of trust, transparency, unquestionable commitment to quality, single-minded focus on excellence and respect for the individual are simply a way of life. We are forging ahead in the market to tap the limitless potential that lies there.

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