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Introductory Offer Free Internship*

Internship for Students at Psycho-Counsel


Aries Probono provides different Internship to the students. Please follow these steps for completion of Internship with Aries Probono.

Documents required

1.   Formal Internship request letter from the Institution addressing to the Chairman or secretary

Xerox copy of Institution Identity Card.

1.   Address proof of the student

1.    Application Form for Internship duly filled in by the Student.


Student must apply two months before for Internship.

1.   Student may send Formal Internship request letter copy by mail or by post to Kolkata office.

Student must write period of Internship at the time of application.

APPS will confirm the internship in writing to the student subject to availability of Projects & Internship  Executive.

1.   After confirmation, student may join & at the time of Joining all the documents to be submitted. Formal Internship request letter to be given in original.


Periods of Internship

Normally, we arrange 15days internship. But as per Institution request letter we reschedule the Internship programme.


For internship we charge INR 1000 per student for 15 days. For reschedule plan the charges will be proportional. During the Internship the student will do the charitable works with this money. All charges to be paid by Account payee instrument in the name of “APPS” payable at Kolkata. In any case Cash is not accepted.


During the period we take student to different street children schools, orphanage home & some times in different projects to show how NGO works in this field. We also send the students to different Courts to show the Court proceedings on different social cases.

APPS also arranges accommodation for outstation students who wishes to join Internship with us. The cost may vary time to time.

Evaluation & Certificate

At the end of the Internship, we evaluate the students & accordingly certificate is issued. A confidential report is sent to the institution directly stating in detail about the Internship & activities of the student.

  Student may Down load the Application Form & may pay the Fees on line. Submit the documents at the Regd. office for approval of the Internship. In case Internship is not approved the fees will be refunded with out any deduction.



Download Internship Application Form

* On offer basis

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