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Interested Students may download the Form & can submit at Ranchi /Kolkata office. Last date for submission is March 25th, 2016.

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Training & Internship Classes starts from April. Call Now +91933154192 / 9472764192

 About Course
The Course is for 12 Months & with 4 semesters. After each semester there will be an Examination (both Theoretical & Practical). Student must have to secure at least 50% marks in every Semester to continue the course with Psycho-Counsel. Student must have to attend 75% classes other wise they will not be allowed to appear Exam. Mark sheet will be give after each semester. Classes from Expert will take place with prior information. Student must have to attain those classes. Absent in those classes with out proper reason will not be tolerable by any means.
Course Fees
Semester Fees Examination Fees Educational Tour Cost
INR 3000 Per Semester INR 300 Per Semester As per Tour Programme
Mode of Payment
All Fees to be paid in advance by Bank Instrument only. No cash will accepted. Student will pay Semester Fees as under:
At the Time of Admission in April, Semester Fees INR 3000 + Examination Fees INR 300 = Total INR 3300.
In July before 2nd Semester, Fees INR 3000 + Examination Fees INR 300 = Total INR 3300.
In October before 3rd Semester Fees INR 3000 + Examination Fees INR 300 = Total INR 3300.
In February before 4th Semester, Fees INR 3000 + Examination Fees INR 300 = Total INR 3300.
Educational Tour Cost Extra
Psycho-Counsel Uniform Cost Extra

I-Card & Dress

Student must be with the I-Card provided by Psycho-Counsel. With out I-Card no student will be allowed for any classes. Student will have to use  Dress during theoretical & Practical classes. Student can purchase Dress as per Psycho-Counsel from out side or can purchase from Institute also.
After each Semester there will be an Examination which will be both theoretical & Practical. Student must have secure 50% marks to attain nest Semester.
Educational Tour
Educational Tour is compulsory for every student. Those who will not attain the Tour will be able to appear Last Semester Examination & will not be entitled for Course Certificate. Educational Tour will be related to the Psychology or in other places. The schedule & Cost of the Tour will be given to the student at much earlier. The cost of the Tour will have to pay before the Tour.
Psycho-Counsel a venture from Aries Probono Publico Society, will issue Course Completion Certificate to every Successful student.
The best student will get offer from the Psycho-Counsel only. However for other students Psych-Counsel will arrange Placement. Psycho-Counsel will not be responsible for the packages.
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